I hadn't been to a Chiropractor in a few years and I didn't remember what I was missing. Dr. Lindsey Green made me feel at home and ease to get back into it. Her office is very cozy and welcoming! I would recommend her to anyone!


Good results: Dr. Lindsey has been able to effectively treat my chronic back pain. She has prescribed a set of stretches and has made adjustments that have greatly reduced my pain. I've mentioned to her that she has 'very good hands'


New to Chiropractic Services: This is my first experience with Chiropractic services. I am impressed with Dr. Green's "holistic" attack, including adjustments, exercise, stretching, even adding supplements like calcium.


Satisfied client: I find Dr. Green to be knowledgable, empathetic and professional in dealing with my chiropractic needs.


I have been visiting Dr. Lindsey now for five months and am quite impressed with the results. 18 years of carrying an extra 20 lbs of equipment as a police officer has put a strain on my lower back. To address the problem, I had only visited a chiropractor for specific and occasional problems related to my lower back. Most of these visits were reactive in nature and never resulted in a long term solution. However, in the last five months with Dr. Lindsey I have not only completely addressed a


Dr. Lindsey has helped me feel like I used to in my 40's! I can do so much more and love the care I receive!


Dr. Green has done a wonderful job diagnosing my chronic back pain and is working with me to develop a plan of attack. I would recommend her services to anyone.


I feel like Dr. Lindsey is not only a professional that I trust, she is also a wonderful person and friend. I was always skeptical of chiropractic but she has assured me physically that it does work. I move so much better and feel so much better! I would recommend and do recommend her to anyone and everyone!


I have seen Dr. Green for over 1 year. She has treated me during post pregnancy. She is very attentive to my needs and great at diagnosing where my pain issues are coming from. I have experienced noticeable pain relief from Dr. Green and quickly notice when I haven't seen her in a awhile.


Dr. Lindsey has been significant in the health of myself, husband and our 6 month old baby. We had a very complicated pregnancy with four hospital visits due to extensive pain from a nerve issue in my low back. After I started seeing Dr. Lindsey, I did not have any further emergency hospitalizations and the remaining period of my pregnancy was much better. My husband has had improvements under her care as well as my daughter. She is a “family physician” to us!

Alysha N.

I will have my third appointment with Dr. Green this coming week and I couldn’t be more excited! She is easy to talk to, listens well and responds with intelligent answers that are easy to understand. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a great chiropractor! Make your appointment and start feeling great!

Joann L.

I have been going to Dr. Lindsey for quite awhile for adjustments and other services. She is great at varying the treatment depending on progress. I feel she is in tune with my issues.

Paula F.

With gentle adjustment and educating me on stretches and exercises by Dr. Lindsey, I’m healing! This muscle tear has been a painful experience and I am thankful and blessed to have chosen Dr. Lindsey to be my trusted health care practitioner.

Bev Y.

Dr. Lindsey Green is great and has helped me during my last trimester of pregnancy. Her adjustments are really helping my muscles and pelvic area feel looser and hopefully help with my delivery. I highly recommend her!

Teresa H.

I’ve seen Dr. Green multiple time over the past few years for lower back issues and she has consistently proved to be knowledgeable and professional. I’ve had bad experiences with other chiropractors prior to seeing Dr. Green, but I trust her with getting me back into shape when I manage to hurt myself…in fact, she’s the first person I call…thank you!

Andy T.

Dr. Green is fantastic! When I first went to see her, I was in extreme pain and she got me scheduled right away. She is very kind and wonderful with her techniques. Highly recommend chiropractic for everyone and Dr. Green is who you should go see!

Lauren A.

Put a visit to Dr. Lindsey on your monthly schedule. Your body will thank you!!! Being pro-active with your body alignment is the best way to prevent movement issues for the future.

Judy S.

I always feel better after Dr. Lindsey’s adjustments. Each time, she takes time to listen to how you’re doing and use the appropriate treatment. She also recommends helpful exercises. She is pleasant and honest, and never pushy.

Brenda S.

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